I am very excited to be working with a number of key partners to promote the David Lloyd’s Developments Bond.

My very first concept, David Lloyd Leisure Clubs, is now a very well-established brand in both UK and many parts of Europe as one of the market leading leisure and fitness companies. It is one of the biggest legacies that I am proud to have created by myself from scratch.

In 1992, I floated the David Lloyd Leisure Clubs on the London Stock Exchange and 3 years later the business was acquired for £200 million by Whitbread Plc (“Whitbread”), which was a record in the City at that time.

I then started another brand of fitness clubs called Next Generation with my son, Scott Lloyd, and in 2007, London & Regional Properties in partnership with Bank of Scotland acquired David Lloyd Leisure from Whitbread and incorporated Next Generation into the group, in a deal worth £925 million.

I am now building my first indoor and outdoor multi-activity centre for people of all ages and levels of fitness, called Adrenalin World. Each building will be purpose built and fitted with the latest modern equipment manufactured to our specification. In relation to which, [my] operating companies, trading under Adrenalin World, will become a long-term tenant of the property, which in turn [is] owned by the Company issuing the Bonds.

Thank You,

David Lloyd (Chairman)

Key Shareholders Of Adrenalin World

  • New World Private Equity Partners is a privately-owned partnership managed by its partners who are key decision makers. All of their funding is raised through their extensive network of highly successful entrepreneurs and High Net-Worth Individuals. Primary objective is to maximise returns for everyone, the business and its stakeholders.
    Some of their multi-million investments include:

    New World Private Equity have acquired a significant shareholding in Adrenalin World thus giving access to their established finance facilities as well as broad corporate experience.

  • Homes Investment Properties Plc is a UK property investment company that works with high-quality leisure operators for whom it sources, funds and develops new leisure destinations and adventure parks. As well as holding a shareholding in Adrenalin World, Holmes Investment Properties Plc also has shareholdings in Everyone Entertained Limited and Ashtour Limited, which manages World of Golf.

    Holmes Investment Properties has acquired a significant shareholding in Adrenalin World giving access to additional financing options as well as additional operational resource if required.

    James Holmes is a Board of Director of Adrenalin World.

Market Overview

    According to the annual analysis of UK consumer spending by Barclaycard, consumer appetite to spend on the ‘experience economy’ was a continued trend throughout 2017 and the demand for more blended experience-led concepts continues to grow.

    In the UK there is a real need for leisure centres and adventure parks offering a good selection of less traditional, experience led, indoor activities in good locations with ample parking and quality catering. Consumer demand has been reflected in a resurgence in sports and leisure facilities, partly due to the increase in the ‘Staycation’ market, and new opportunities for activities such as Crazy Golf, Laser Combat, High Wire, Zip Wires, Trampolining, etc.

    The Company is a property finance company which has an exclusive agreement with DLAP to fund and develop leisure centres and outdoor adventure park businesses under the brand name of Adrenalin World. The Company will finance the development of various sites in exchange for a proposed 125-year lease for the adventure parks and commercial rent. The Company is issuing up to £40 million of asset backed Bonds to fund the transaction.