David Lloyd Developments M-B Ltd is a special purpose vehicle established in September 2018 and is part of the Adrenalin World Group of company’s.
Created for the aim of raising capital for its development of ten adventure sites around the UK in association with David Lloyd.
The Company is offering Qualified Investors two investment options – the Series A Bonds and the Series B Bonds. The Bonds will be issued by the Company in tranches of up to an aggregate principal amount of £20 million per Series A Bonds and Series B Bonds, with Interest being paid quarterly on the Bond in accordance with the Terms and Conditions.
Further sites are planned for development and capital will be raised for these at a later date.
A Bond is a type of loan to a Company. The Company agrees to pay a fixed rate of interest (“Coupon”) on the Bondholder’s subscription amount (“Investment”) over a defined period of time (“Term”). At the end of the period (“Maturity”), the subscription amount is repaid.

The Market

Adrenalin World was formed in late 2017 created by David Lloyd, the founder of David Lloyd Leisure. Initially backed by two major equity investors, UK Adventure Parks and New World Private Equity Partners, Adrenalin World continues to successfully raise equity seed funding for pre-opening costs that include research and development, land search and product development. The last share issue value the company at £6 million.
Adrenalin World has now negotiated heads of terms with five plots of land in Bedford, Marlow, Sandbachs, Blackpool and Peak Resorts. Further negotiations are being undertaken at Egham, Cobham and Farnham with additional plots being identified all the time.